About Us

We here to reach our services to you.

At Supagas, exceptional customer service governs every aspect of our business from answering the phones to making special deliveries. We work on first names with our customers, understand their business, anticipate needs and solve problems. It’s a can-do attitude, that is every bit as important to us as our advanced manufacturing facilities, modern transport fleet and computerized order tracking. Supagas was founded by three brothers for whom teamwork came naturally. It grew on the strength of personal commitment and responsibility. Our attitude to customer service has never changed – we’re here for you

Driven by reliability You can’t go far without spotting a Supagas truck: there were 95 of them at last count — but then we are one of South Africa’s largest LP Gas distributors and supplier of industrial gases. Supagas has seven distribution centres and a team of 321 people throughout the southern Africa area zone. All our delivery people are local to your neighbourhood and most of them have been with the company a long time so they know their customers well. Your Supagas team can handle everything from sorting out your account, simplifying billing, organising spare parts or arranging special deliveries on the go. In fact, we rarely need to return to base to pick up urgent orders. Instead, we communicate with our drivers via two-way radio.
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